Sunday, 24 March 2013

i've been doing a lot of pitches recently, and not having much luck. If this is the one that gets picked, I'm going to Re-evaluate everything.

The pitch is about a man who's not very good at being sad, and deals with being told not to be around anymore from a lovely lady, by sinking his head into his body. It'd be quite a sweet little short, I promise.
also that wouldn't be the title. that was 2am funny Rob.
Give me money to make this awful thing already.

It's 4am and I just noticed I am not wearing any clothes. Give me money.


I was a no sleep guy when i wrote that from a stomach bug.but i'd like to keep it because it's great delusional ramblings.


  1. Yesterday me and Ben saw a Turners coach and thought of you. We miss you dearly!

    1. I left ben a super mushy comment on facebook with numbers and things, if you'd like to do something at some point.