Thursday, 28 April 2011

at some point i guess i'll post an actual video instead of just screen shots.
i have one that's sorta finished and needs to be put online and theres two below which are coming alone nicely!

this one being a short about flossing and transport *which is for the motorcycle showroom in may,if it's good-e-nuff* i think that one looks a bit like a blocky phill mulloy, but the whole things not in that style so i guess i'm ok from blatantly ripping off someone.

this one being about a relationship between a man, a fox and a purple robotic hand. which i signed up for three festivals but the nerves are kickin' in and might not be up to the standards.
though i think both are looking kinda neat.
the top ones making me realise whole lot of work can go into very very little footage.
last night spending about 4 hours on 2 seconds. gosh.
also,both show how much i wanna slap background design.

also anyone who reads this who would like an animator to do something for them.i'm that guy.

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